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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What to pay - Excersaucer

This is an item that, for the 4 months we used it I loved it! We have the farm exersaucer pictured above as a surprise gift. I remember putting my son in there when he was quite young and watching him intentionally spin the wheel that has chickens in it for the first time. I never thought I would be so excited and proud of someone for "spinning chickens".

I have some parents say they did just fine with out one of these, but I personally wished I had more.

The bad news is that I have been pretty surprised at how much these go for used. I think they are normally around $20 for one that is in good condition. However, even ones that look like they have been outside for the last year still go for $10-$15. I was at a mom 2 mom sale after my son was born where they had probably at least 10 of these left. Since we were there for the last hour of the sale, everything was half off which made them about $2, that is the best deal I have ever seen on them.

Do you have an Excersaucer? Is it something you could do without or love? Did you get a good deal?

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