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Saturday, December 4, 2010

What to pay - High Chair

The Eddie Bauer Wood High Chair, is the high chair we have. It looks awesome in our living room and we use it all the time. It was purchased from my registry as a gift.  It is however an item that made my "Wait and see" list from my What does baby really need? post.

I was never really in the market for a high chair, so I don't know that I am the best authority of used pricing. I did however find one on the side of the road on large item trash day and another one that someone was giving away online, so they were both free to me. One is at my mother-in-laws and I gave the other to a friend.

One thing to look out for is safety straps. I have purchased/found 3 baby items where the straps were missing or broken. The high chair at my mother in laws (didn't replace), the booster seat (I actually found a strap in a free bin with a working clip) and our outdoor baby swing. I had to purchase a whole new clip and sew it on the strap because one end was missing. The clip was actually quite pricey at $3, but since I only paid $1 for the swing, it was still a good deal. Just make sure you are factoring in repair cost on damaged "deals".

Do you consider your high chair an essential item or is it just in the way? When did your child move to a booster? Did you get a good deal on yours?

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