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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What to pay - Changing table

This is another item I talked about not really needing in my "What does baby really need" post.

There are some concerns out there about purchasing a used changing table due to safety reasons, but in my opinion, this is a place that your baby should not be for a long period of time and should never be without you, so if used properly, I can't think of why it would matter as long the child cannot pull it over on top of themselves.

My Dad had a great dresser/changing table made for us as a baby gift. In our small nursery this is great to kill two birds with one stone. I have also seen people use regular dressers as well. My mom used a desk for my changing table when I was a baby.

Do you have a changing table? Do you use it, or do you usually change your baby on the floor or do you use another piece of furnature? Did you get a good deal on your changing table?

Monday, November 29, 2010

What to pay - Bedding

As I mentioned here, this is something that you really do not need. The only thing we use for our set is the fitted sheet.

Most crib bedding run from $60 to $180, so they are not cheap either.

If you still really want one, the good news is that I see them at garage sales and mom 2 mom sales all the time. The cheapest I have ever seen a set is $3 and they are normally about $20 for regular bedding and $40 for quilted bedding.

This is also probably one of those things that if you are buying it to begin with you are probably looking for something specific, so the "do you love it" question is probably a big variable on what a "good" deal is.

As I also mentioned earlier, I am using the bedding set that my made for me when I was a baby. All but the crib sheet is not being used.

Do you have a bedding set? Do you use it? Did you get a good deal?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What to pay - Crib

Note: I have been told that the pictures from amazon are not showing up when using google reader. Please click through to the actual blog to see the pictures. - Thanks!

You can pay A LOT for a crib if you want.This one is listed for $3,863.40......

 The cheapest crib I could find on Amazon was $70:

It seems like most of the cribs at Babies R us were around $300 and as I said before, we didn't like any of them. We originally went to buy the Snigler crib, but it was not varnished and looked a bit dingier than the Gulliver crib. A huge price jump (double) from $70 to $130, but we had an hour before they closed and I was pregnant (thus emotional). All-in-all it was still cheaper by $60 than anything in store at our Babies R us or Target. 

Other things to keep in mind when purchasing a crib are:
  • Do you need it to be able to "convert" into a full size bed, or do you have one already? 
  • If you do need it to convert, are all the parts included, or do you need to purchase the converting parts separately?
  • Is your crib on the recall list? Many cribs that have the drop sides have been recalled. Do you even need the crib sides do go down?
    • Our crib doesn't have drop sides, but is low to the ground. I have never missed the drop sides.

This is also an item that I would only purchase used with caution. So, a "good" price again would be retail minus sales and promotions.

Used cribs are also an item that you can get 25% off with the Babies R us trade in event. You do not need to trade a crib to get a crib either. You could trade say a car seat and get a crib. It just has to be an item on the list for an item on the list.

What crib do you have? Do you like it? Did you get a good deal?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What to pay - Car Seats

As I mentioned before, this is one place where used isn't always best. We did however get our infant seat and base for free from a co-worker that we trusted to have told us if the seat was ever dropped or in an accident. So, we got the Chicco keyfit 30 for free.

We opted to register for the convertible car seat instead of an extra base for our infant car seat and it worked out great. We ended up returning it and re-purchasing it with a 20% coupon and got quite a bit back. We choose the Britax Boulevard seat because it was highly recommended.

Our son has recently out grown his baby car seat. Although he is not yet 30lb (far from it), he is 30 inches and therefore is not safe. Although I hate the idea of spending money on a second car seat, we are considering getting a second one. All convertible car seats are a PAIN install, so if we need to change cars for some reason, it can be a real hassle. IF we do purchase a new car seat, we have decided to get the Sunshine Kids Radian. From what I can tell, it is super safe and also much smaller if we were to ever need to fit 3 car seats across. It is also nice because it is somewhat portable. The seat will fold and it also has a carrying strap, it is still VERY heavy though.

IF you can get a used car seat that is close to free, do it. Babies R us has a trade in sale every once and while where you can get 25% off of a new baby item (car seats, stroller, high chair etc) when you bring in an old one!

Since I do not recommend used car seats, a  "good" price for these is retail minus whatever sale or discounts you can get on on.
What Car seat(s) do you have? Do you like them? Did you get a good deal?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby Stuff - Happy Black Friday!

 Burt's Bees Bundle of Joy Baby Basket
Since the Christmas shopping season has "officially" begun today (although is seems like some stores had a Christmas display in August), buying stuff is on everyone's mind.  So, to finish off the "baby stuff" series, I am going to display one baby item that is typically purchased by parents to be per day. I will try to put the retail price, what I paid and what I think is a "good" price. I would love to see your comments on what you paid for the item or if you disagree with that I think a "good" price is!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The perfect stocking stuffer for all budgets!

This week I blogged about the wonderful problem I have of my son already having too much stuff and the generous friends and family that want to give more. 

Well, a few months ago Dibs! shared a story about Anastasia M. and it has stuck with me ever since. 
So, here is what I decided to do:
  • I made sure her story was legit:
    • I looked into the organization that they are adopting through and made sure they were legit.
    • I emailed the family who wrote a very detailed email back about what they have done to raise funds and where they were at (they have $6,000 right now and need $24,000 more).
  • I made cards to give to friends and family with how to donate on the back and blanks on the front for them to return to my son as his gift.
    • Here is a generic version in pdf to use as is. (if you have actual design skills and want to re-design this, I would be MORE than happy to re-post!)
    • I also have the word docs, but couldn't link them. If you are interested email me at budget4baby at gmail dot com and I will send them to you that way.
  • I found a photo album for him to keep all of his cards in. Hopefully, we will keep doing this every year and by the time he is older have a book full of adopted children!
Here is the email Anna's US mom sent to me:
We are adopting Anna through Reece's Rainbow and here is our family sponsor page  http://www.reecesrainbow.org/sponsorwilliams.html  We found Anna through their organization and have committed to adopt her.  I have followed other families for over two years before having the nerve to ask my husband about our family adopting a child through Reece's Rainbow.  :)  We also have an 11 year old daughter named Ashlyn with Down syndrome and she is the reason our family has the desire to rescue another little girl like her.

Here is a break down of our fund raising efforts and the reason they look different to you.  The page on RR shows $677 because that is how much people have donated from different fund raisers we have had and also from people that we don't know, but wanted to donate to help bring her home.  These donations went straight to RR and will be sent to pay for her adoption fees once we travel.  She also has another fund through Reece's Rainbow that was established before we committed to her and the total for that is $573 so that is over $1300 waiting for her through Reece's Rainbow.  The $241 that you see  on my blog is how much people have donated to the CURRENT prize give away of an iPad that will end December 15th.  When that one expires we will draw for that prize On Dec 15th,  in order for it to be given to someone before Christmas!!   Every time we have a new give away we have to start a new "chip in" because you have to have an expiration date for each fundraiser.  Our last fundraiser chip in brought in over $2,000... that is when we gave away an iPad and an iPod touch.  OUr adoption will be over $30,000 and so far with all of the fundraisers, the money that has been donated to RR and checks that we still have to turn in to RR is over $6,000!!   That is why you see our chip in at $24,000 left to raise.  We have had bake sales at work, thirty one purse party, sold cookie dough, sold sphagetti dinners at work, etc. We are trying so hard to raise the money to go and get her!!

If you look here http://reecesrainbow.org/category/rescued  She is all the way at the bottom of this page.... We aren't supposed to put their name and country on our blog due to privacy issues so we have shortened her name to Anna.  We are only allowed to say she is from Eastern Europe.  They say that officias from their country do look around on the internet and that we could get into trouble by listing her real name and country.
This link above shows you that she has $573 at RR, this is the money that was donated to her before we committed to her.  I don't know their reasoning, but when a child has a committed family they start a new page and the money raised from that point starts at zero so that you can see how much we have raised and how much that is donated AFTER we committed.  I know that sounds weird, but if you look at both links I gave you, you will see that the totals are different.

Here is a link to show that will show you Reece's Rainbow in People Magazine this year if you want to see if the organization is real.  You can also email Andrea Roberts and ask about our family if you would like to make sure that we are legitamate.  http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20350685,00.html  Her contact information can be found on the Reece's Rainbow website.

Also, any donations made directly to Reece's Rainbow are tax deductible.  So if anyone would rather donate straight to RR to feel "safer" that would be awesome!  They just need to make sure they add "Anastasia M. for the Williams family" or they don't know which child to apply the donation to.

Thank you so much for inquiring and considering to help us bring Anna home!  If there are any more questions you would like to ask, feel free to email me :)

You can read more about their story at:


Thanks Dibs! and Inner Hooker for sharing her story!
Please feel free to copy or link to this content and share it on your blog!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Free Sample - Depends

 Depend Extra Absorbent Female Underwear, Small-medium, 20-count Packages (Pack of 4)
Why am I sharing that Depend is offering free samples? They work great to wear when you are going out the first few days after giving birth. They are much less bulky than the pads the hospital gives you.

Thanks MojoSavings!

Baby Stuff - What does baby really need?

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when walking into a babies R us with a scanner to register for everything you need. You hear other moms say that X was a life saver and that every Mom needs one. You subconsciously feel like if you don't get your baby everything that the 20 page babies R us registry guide tells you to that you are a bad parent that is unwilling to provide the best for your child and are thus being neglectful. These feelings are even stronger when you are pregnant too.

Then you look at the picture above and look at history and realize that humanity has survived on FAR less.

I recently watched a video that I made to send to my grandma when we first moved into our 1,700 sq ft house and remembered thinking. WE NEED MORE STUFF. Our house looks so empty.
However, in the four years we have been there, we (mostly I) have managed to stuff it full. The addition of our son has added so much more that we are working to finish part of our basement just to keep the additional gifts we get from friends and family and the deals that I get. My major head ache now is attempting to not become the next episode of hoarders.

What does baby really need to survive and thrive?
Love, warmth and nourishment. The better question might be:

What do I need to help me keep up with my current life responsibilities and still raise my child?
Unfortunately, I cannot provide the ultimate list on what you need and don't need because every family and every child is different. A stay at home mom may have no use for a breast pump, but for a working mom who desires to breast feed, a pump would be essential in almost all cases.

Here is a list of things you may be able to wait and see on:
  • High Chair
    • When my high chair was not purchased off my registry right away, I started to panic. Where will my baby eat after they are born? Although I knew that newborns don't eat solid food until 4-6+ months, this didn't click for me. Our highchair sat in the box for the first 3 months of his life.
    • Don't get me wrong, we use it all the time, but it is also a large piece of furnature in our small dining space. As great as it looks with our decor, if I had to do it again, I would buy a high chair that straps in to a regular chair or just use the booster and strap that I got for $2 at a garage sale.
  • Changing Table
    • We use ours because it is there. When we are downstairs we use a mat on the floor or on a bed. This is just another large and expensive piece of furnature that you can avoid if you want.
    • My Dad had a changing table/dresser made for us, so it does serve a double funtion and I love the look. We had it made so that it will work for an extra dresser in our bedroom when we no longer need it for a changing table.
  • Cribs
    • Newborn babies do not roll around and thus do not need a crib on the day you bring them home. A blanket on floor (assuming they will not get stepped on or bothered by pets) may work just fine for your family.
    • Some of my friends kids have never slept in a crib even though they own one. The baby has been in bed with the parents. If you understand the "risks" and feel that it is a safe option for your family, a crib could be one of those items that you can wait and see on.
      • Note: One "risk" of co-sleeping may be your relationship with your spouse, so make sure everyone is on board.
  • Extra Car seat base
    • This is a huge money saver in my opinion! I have said this before and I will say it again. REGISTER FOR A CONVERTIBLE CAR SEAT INSTEAD OF AN EXTRA BASE. You can get them that fit all the way down to 5lbs. Put the infant carrier (I call them baby buckets) in the car you use the most and the convertible car seat in the other car.
    • Technically you don't even need an infant carrier, but they are SOO nice to have so you don't need to disturb a sleeping baby especially if you are running errands and have multiple stops to make.
    • This also potentially avoids you having to pay for the convertible car seat when one is needed if you can get it purchased off your registry.
  • Baby Swing
    • Our son didn't really use the swing that our friends were kind enough to lend us. It was nice to have on occasion, but not essential for us. I do know many other parents who say they wouldn't have survived without one though.
  • Bumbo Seat
    • This is one of the first things that most people I know have purchased when they found out they were pregnant. It was really cute to use for pictures before he was too tall and the seat allowed for his head to be propped up. However once he was truly old enough to use it he was only able to use it for a short period of time that overlapped with the time he used his bouncer seat and excersaucer. So, yes we used it, but I didn't feel it was an essential baby thing.
Here are some things that I have and found useless:
Keep in mind that I know at least one other person that says they could not live without these items.
  • Wipe warmer
    • The wipe is usually cold again by the time you get it from the warmer to your babies butt.
    • The wipes dry out.
    • They day I found mold in my warmer is the day it was unplugged and moved to the basement in the "mom 2 mom" sale bin.
  • The Bundle Me
    • Our son hated to be covered up.
      • We  just used a blanket to cover the seat.
    • The day I arrived a location and realized that the baby bucket was not snapped into the base all the way because the fabric on the cover was in the way was the day it was banished to the sale bin.
    • Car seat manufactures and cars seat safety advocates advise against using ANYTHING (extra head rests, toys, mirrors, etc) in the car seat as they could interfere with how the car seat protects your child or become projectiles in an accident. Dibs! also shared this great demonstration on why you should not put a winter coat on your child while they are in a car seat.
  • Bedding sets
    • Wow these are pricey!
    • As pictured in last weeks post. I still had the bedding set that my Mom made for me as an infant that I planned to use for my son. It looked great in pictures of the nursery too!
    • However, the pillow, blanket and bumpers are deemed not safe to use in cribs, so they were taken off as soon as our son came home.
    • The bed skirt looked nice until we lowered the crib to the lowest setting and the skirt was way to long. 
    • So, they only things from the bedding set still in the crib today? The fitted sheet.
    • My advice? Invest in 2 mattress pads and 3-4 crib sheets at a garage sale and call it good.
      • Why 4?? You will understand when your child get their first flu and you find them sleeping in their own vomit 3 times in one night. 
      • You many need even more if you use daycare and they do not provide the sheets.
  • Toys 
    • We have a ton of fun and cute toys for my son to play with. His favorites?
      • An old kleenex box that he can shove stuff in.... like his shoes (thanks Becky C.)
      • My baking drawer in the kitchen that he takes things in and out of. 
    • Basically, if you can resist the temptation to buy something because it is only $.25 and so cute and can get your family and friends to do the same... go for it. You have enough stuff around the house that is just as interesting!
Here are some things I needed more of.
  • Baby Gates
    • I bought two of the gates that you screw into the wall at a garage sale for the top of each set of stairs in our home. One of those gates was installed as soon as he was mobile, the other is sitting in our baby storage closet in the basement. After our son began crawling we went to babies r us in an act of desperation and purchased a 2 pack gate set for full price! These gate have been used in multiple locations and have been used and friends and parents houses. Mostly to contain him to one area of the house so we were not chasing him.
  • Newborn Clothes
    • I did not realize that "Newborn" and "0-3" months were two different sizes. I think I had 1 or 2 outfits that fit my 6ln 9oz baby when he was born. Plus I also did not factor in that infants may need 5+ outfits per day due to spit up....
  • Baskets/Storage
    • I had never been a basket person until after my son was born. 
      • We have a "diaper" basket with diapers and creams etc in:
        • His bedroom.
        • 2 in the downstairs changing area (one for cloth diapers and one for accessories and disposables).
      • We have toy baskets
        • In the upstairs bathroom
        • 2 in the living room, one for toys and one for books
      • and then we have the various book shelves and a toy organizer for everything else.
  • Bouncer Seat
    • I really wished I had an extra one of these for the upstairs. I had a rough recovery and it was all I could do to carry him up the stairs let alone a bouncy seat as well. He used it for quite awhile to, so if the price is right, I will probably get an additional one if we have another
  • Excersaucer
    • These are pricey. New and used. We actually didn't plan on getting one at all, but were given one as a gift after our son was born. I have to say this was one of my favorite baby items. It was the one thing that kept him happy and in one place if I was cooking and needed him to stay away from the stove. They had a huge room full of them at a mom2mom sale for $2!!!! and I kicked myself every day for a long time that I didn't buy more. They are so large that they are hard to transport, so it would have been great to have one at both grandparents houses and maybe even one for outdoor use. However, it was not worth $20+ to me to have more (which is how much the others I saw afterward were).
    • Multiples of this doesn't sound as appealing right now as storing just the one in our storage closet has been a pain since it is such an awkward shape. 
    • We also had a jumperoo lent to us that he LOVED. 
  • Swaddle Me (aka baby burrito wrap)
    • At first I didn't want to swaddle my son. It seemed mean to tie him up. However, after a few nights without sleep, we gave it a try and he loved it and slept. I was made aware of this wonderful product by ...and baby makes 3 who's son is about 4 months older than mine, so I had registered for one. Again with the spit up and such... I would recommend at least 2! (another babies r us full price purchase out of desperation)
  • Pack and Play mattress pads
    • This was an item I didn't even think about needing, but the sheets are thin and the mattress is not washable or waterproof, so they are essential if you use the pack and play a lot.
My recommendation for what you really need:
  • Clothes
  • 1 or 2 diaper changing stations (do not need to be actual changing tables, just a mat and a basket with diapers and creams etc.)
  • A place for baby to sleep (could be with you, in a crib, in a pack n play on a mattress on the floor (minute 2.45).
  • Bottles if you formula feed or pump (and a pump if you pump)
  • A place to feed baby. If you choose to feed solids before they can sit, you can have them eat in a bouncy seat. After they can sit, I booster on your chair, pulled up to the table will work.
  • A car seat if you drive.
  • A place to keep baby happy or safe if you need to cook or do something they cannot be too close to. (excersaucer, jumperoo, bouncy seat, bumbo, baby gates). Slings work well too, but not when I am over the stove.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free - Unlimited Personalized Thanksgiving Cards

This is a great deal! I just got 10 free Thanksgiving cards from Tiny Prints with the coupon code FREETHX! All personalized with different pictures.  You can even add $.44 to have it sent directly to the recipient!

Thanks Hip2Save!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

JPS - Sling

Seven Slings is giving away their slings if you pay shipping. West Michigan Mommy has the details here.

Thanks West Michigan Mommy!

Free with coupon - 2 tag books

 LeapFrog Tag Activity Storybook Disney Princess Adventures Under the Sea
Rumor has it that target will have a BOGO deal on Tag books next week.
Here is how it works:
  • Go here and fill out a form to print a coupon for $5 off. 
  • Hit the back button to print another one.
  • Go to Target NEXT week and pick out two $10 tag books
  • Use both of your coupons for 2 free tag books!
Thanks STL Mommy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Stuff - What Can I Make?

Technically I suppose you can make everything your baby needs if you are extremely skilled in many areas.

I however am not.

There are some neat tutorials out there on things that you can easily make.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling-New 2010 Colors (Medium, Dark Grey Stripe)
Make your own Ring Sling

 FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier Embroidered Designs, Nest
Make your own Mei Tai Carrier
Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier, Chocolate
Make your own Moby Wrap -  All you need is about 5 yards of Jersey material. You can cut it in 3 pieces lengthwise and you will get THREE wraps. There are a ton of videos on youtube on the many ways to wear these and I will try to do a blog about wraps as well.

Make your own booties

Make your own boppy cover

Make your own cloth diapers

Make your own wipes (you can use wash clothes too)- Thanks Becky C

I also absolutely LOVE the blog Smashed Peas and Carrots for ideas on other things that you can make.

What have I made?
  • I made a few pairs of booties for my son and for gifts when he was about 9 months old. 
  • I made a ring sling.
  • I tried making my own wipes, both cloth and disposable, but I will share details in a later post.
  • I made my own rocking chair cover. I was given a used glider rocker as a gift, but it needed a new cover. I wanted it to match my nursery bedding (that my Mom made for me before I was born) and I found some adorable large buttons as well.


Have you made anything for your kids or as gifts for other kids?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Leap Frog Tag Jr. Target Deal in select areas

 LeapFrog TAG Junior Bundle - Toy Story 3 Hardware and Software
I guess some targets have the Toy Story 3 Tag Jr. set on sale for $19.99. There are 2 printable coupons out there to make this under $5 if your target has them on sale.

Mine does not have any at all, but $15 for is still a pretty good deal for the regular system after the coupons!

Hip2Save has details at her site.

Thanks Hip2Save!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

JPS - UdderCovers nusrsing cover

 Udder Covers Nursing Covers - Porter
Uddercovers frequently offers their product for free or a nursing or gift sets for $5, plus about $10 shipping and they are offering them again with the coupon code THANKSGIVING. They sell in the stores for about $40 and it looks like they are $22.50 on Amazon right now, so its a pretty good deal if this is not something you are willing to make.

Thanks Freebies2Deals

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Stuff - New vs. Used

Office Supplies directional sign garage sale  24"x9" w/s
So, you want to be frugal, but you also want the best for your baby and want to make sure what your buying is safe. Today I will talk about what I have heard about what not to buy used, why and if I agree with the logic.

Never buy used:
  • Car seats
    • Why? 
      • When buying a used seat, you don't know if it was in a crash or dropped or otherwise misused.  If a car seat is in a crash, you are supposed to dispose of them immediately, even if the accident was moderate. Even though the seat may not look damaged, there could still be damage in the seat that you cannot see. It could also weaken an area that could break in the event of yet another crash. Here are some guidelines of when a seat should be replaced and when it is OK to keep using it.
      • Another reason is that most car seats are installed incorrectly!! You want to make sure you have the correct manual for your car seat so that you install it properly.
    • Exceptions
      • You know and trust the person you are getting the seat from to tell you if it was in an accident.
      • The date on the car seat is less than 6 years from the time you plan to use it. Safety standards are constantly being updated and some say the plastic and foam can deteriorate.
      • You can purchase new covers from most manufacturers.
    • What did we do?
      • A co-worker gave us her old infant car seat and base that we used in one car and then we registered for a convertible car seat that we use in my husbands car. I think that we will purchase a new infant car seat if we have more children as it is getting close to the 6 year mark and showing signs of age.
  •  Cribs
    • Why?
      • Like the car seat, safety standards for cribs are periodically updated, so getting a crib that is older may not be as safe as other cribs. CPSC safety standards can be found here.
      • Cribs that are put together incorrectly (missing instructions) or missing parts can also pose a risk to your child.
      • Recalls!! - There have been a lot of recalls lately for cribs.
      • Mattress fit matters! If you buy a used crib without the mattress, you may have an issue finding a mattress that fits as well as it should.
    • Exceptions
      • If you know someone who has the manual and all the part and preferably still has the cribs set up so you can disassemble it yourself so that you know you are assembling it correctly as well. Also, that you have checked the recall list and the crib is not on it.
    • What did we do?
      • We had a hard time finding anything we liked. The big convertible sleigh cribs didn't fit our decor. We bought a new crib from IKEA that doesn't even have drop sides. It is nice and low to the ground and has adjustable mattress heights, so it is easy to get baby in or out, even if you had a c-section delivery.
  • Crib Mattress
    • Why?
      • In addition to a growing concern about chemicals used in mattresses, some also believe that fungus can interact with these chemicals causing toxic gasses. The older and more used the mattress is, the greater build up they may have.
      • If the mattress was not purchased with the crib, there may be fit issues.
      • Some Moms will not even use the same mattress for their next baby.
    • What did we do?
      • We also got our mattress from Ikea. It is similar to this one. We liked the crib came from the same manufacturer and they were made to fit each other. It was also much softer than those at BabieRUs (have you felt the ones there?). The price was also right, the cheapest mattress at babies R us was still about $20 more than the one we got at Ikea.
  • Nipples and Pacifiers
    • Why?
      • Rubber and silicone break down. Most manufactures recommend replacing them every three months to prevent a part from breaking off and causing a choking hazard.
      • I also heard somewhere (can't remember where) that there are also concerns that rubber and silicone are not fully sterilized by boiling water.
    • What did we do?
      • I never used used nipples or pacifiers, but I never really had them offered to me either. I did use the ones we purchased for more than 3 months though. I feel confident that I would see any damage or tears while washing them before giving them to my son to use.
Grey Area:
This section are things that some people buy used and have no problem with and others would cringe at the thought.
  • Breast Pumps
    • Arguments for used:
      • You can boil or purchase new all parts that touch the breast
    • Argument against used:
      • Hospital grade pumps also have air filters
      • Pumps have labels that say they should not have more than one user.
    • What did we do?
      • My insurance covered all but about $20 of my pump, so I purchased one new. I think I would personally have a hard time buying a used pump, even with all new cups and tubes.  I did however boil and used extra pump cups I got in a free bin at a Mom 2 Mom sale.
  • Bottles (You can get these in free bins at Mom 2 Mom sales).
    • Arguments for used:
      • You can boil them and kill off anything that might be on them from the previous user.
    • Arguments against used:
      • You could spread illness if something remained on the bottle from the previous user.
      • Older bottles may not be BPA free.
    • What did we do?
      • Both. I registered for new bottles, but between pumping, storing and daycare, we needed more. We purchased some of the cheapest ones that were still BPA free but I also gladly took some that came in a free bin, boiled them and still use them today.
  • Cloth Diapers
    • Arguments for used:
      • You can boil, bleach or otherwise sanitize them.
      • If you use a diaper service, you are getting "used" diapers"
    • Arguments against used:
      • Mom's don't like the idea that another babies poop was in them.
    • What did we do?
      • We got most of our diaper new, however someone was kind enough to give us some of their well loved ones for free. I washed them on the sanitize cycle and they have been in our rotation ever since.
  • Pack n' Play
    • Arguments for used:
      • New ones are expensive
      • Some are barely used
      • The part your baby touches can be covered with a sheet
      • They make pack n play covers.
    • Arguments against used:
      • You cannot just throw the material in the washer and they can be dirty.
    • What did we do?
      • This is one item that I wanted new. I looked at them at garage and Mom 2 Mom sales and they were usually in pretty rough shape and expensive. We got one of the cheaper models, so it wasn't too much more than a used one.
What are some things that you would never buy used? Is there something on my list that you bought used and have no problems with the idea of using it?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Free! - Veggie Tales Singing Christmas Tree mp3's

The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree

Amazon is offering a free download Veggie Tales Singing Christmas Tree. We downloaded and listened to it once already and it was very good, but I am not to fond of Christmas festivites before Thanksgiving, so we will need to wait another month. :)

Thanks West Michigan Mommy!!