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Monday, December 6, 2010

What to Pay - Baby Gym

Baby Einstein Around The World Play Gym 
Although I saw many of these at a mom 2 mom sale in the $10-$20 and one for $5. I declined to buy it because I had not done my homework and assumed they were probably not much more than $20 new, so they didn't seem like very good deals. It turns out these things start around $50 new, which seems silly to me for a quilt and some cloth covered foam. 

I ended up paying $10 for mine from our childbirth educator when she had her garage sale. It was worth a bit more to me to know where it had come from. If you find one of these for $5 pick it up. I had a friend get one for under that once, but it was quite soiled. 

We didn't really use ours that much. We used it more for a quilt to lay on the ground. By the time he was interested in batting at the toys hanging on it, he was also able to sit with support, so we had plenty of other things he could use for that. Our did come with a tummy time pillow which we did use, but overall I would put this on our "used, but didn't need" list. Especially if you need to pay full price. 

Did you use your play gym enough to stay it was worth it? Did you get a good deal?

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