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Sunday, December 12, 2010

What to Pay - Saftey Items

Evenflo Top of Stair Plus GateMommy's Helper Outlet Plugs 36 PackMommy's Helper Door Knob Safety CoverMommy's Helper Toilet Seat Lid-LokSafety 1st Drawers and Doors Safety Kit - 26 Piece
I am still learning on this one. The first safety items that I purchased were two baby gates for $30 that needed to be installed.Since we have 2 stair cases (one to the upstairs and one to the basement) I thought that we would need these and I did not want to get the pressure type gates since I wanted them to be very strong for being at the top of the stairs. One of the gates was installed at the top of the basement stairs as soon as he could scootch around. The other is still not installed, but we plan to use it at the bottom of the basement stairs as soon as the basement is finished.
We also purchased two baby gates for full price at babies R us in desperation.We needed something to keep him in one room when he started to get mobile so we could sit down for a few minutes at time. They have been used in multiple locations and have been great to take to friends houses to keep him contained there. They have been used to keep him in the kitchen, to keep him out of the kitchen. Upstairs (since it was going to be pretty hard to install a gate at the top of the stairs, we also have a landing and keep a pretty close eye on him while up there, so we feel it is safe), at the bottom of the basement stairs temporarily and on our deck.  I have concerns about when we move him downstairs to his own room (since we are upstairs). I don't want to lock him in his room, but I also don't want him wandering the house and getting hurt. Someone suggested putting a gate across his bedroom door so we would hear him and he couldn't get out, but he wouldn't be as locked in.

The next thing we installed were the outlet covers. These are a pain to keep track of. I worry that they are a chocking hazard if left around. They are also a pain to get out. I recently found some at meijer for our basement play room that I like much better, but I cannot find them online to link you to them. They have little buttons that make them easier to get out and they also have notches on the sides so you can just clip them to the cord of what ever you plug in. They are also not a worry free way to protect your child from electrocution. Our son ended up half way unplugging our CO2 detector and touching the prongs, which gave him a little shock. He was OK, but it is a good reminder that they can still hurt themselves, even with the proper child safety measures in place.

These were hopeless for us. We installed them when he discovered they cabinets opened and he figured out how to get past the locks a week later. It does slow him down, so the do help a bit, but they were still less effective that we had hoped.

We registered for these, but have not used them yet. He can reach the door knobs and has the right idea on opening them, but so far has not done so. These may be installed very soon.

I did register for one of these and did not get them, but I am not sure we need them. We find it easier and better to just keep the bathroom door shut at all times so he cannot get in there. He seems to like to flush the toilet more than anything.

What childproofing have you done? Was is all necessary? Do you think any childproofing is necessary or should children be taught what not to do?

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  1. We haven't done anything yet, but we will start stocking up on items after the holidays. He is not mobile yet, so we have some time. We'll need at least two gates and the usual cupboard locks, toilet lock, and door handle covers. It sure is a lot to purchase! I've looked on Craigslist and at mom-to-mom sales, but haven't seen much available. We'll probably just look for sales.