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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What to Pay - Baby bath

Summer Infant Newborn-Toddler Bath Center & Shower -Pink

My advice, DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE NEW! They are EVERYWHERE used. Mom2Mom sales, garage sales, freecycle.... and they are easy to find a for just a few dollars.

This is also a good item to wait and see on. We barely used ours and gave it away to a friend. Instead we really liked the bath sponge that we could lay him on and just put him in the real bath tub. It did probably use more water, but we found it much easier to use.

Safety 1st Comfy Bath Cushion, Green

I ended up getting my tub for free from someone in a local parenting group.

Did you use your baby bath? Does your bath have extras that you would consider must haves?

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  1. That's interesting, I never considered finding one used, thanks for the tip! So much cheaper than buying one!