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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What to Pay - Dishes

Royal Doulton Bunnykins Baby Dinnerware Set, Assorted Motifs

We got most of our dishes at Ikea and absolutely love them. I nannied in Europe in college and the kids there had ikea dishes, so when I saw them for only $1.99 per pack (Silverware, cups, plates and bowls). I had to make the purchase! The downside is that they are only sold in stores and not online.

We also got this set because I loved the hard plastic bibs for the kids I nannied for. It did an awesome job of catching the food he would spill. They do not however work well for our son yet because he too small for it to fit between him and the top of his high chair. I think it will work much better once we move him to the booster. The suction cup bowls doesn't work well enough for our strong little guy, he just pulls it off the high chair and throws it on the floor anyways.

We also use some spoons and disposible plastic cups from the dollar store and take and toss bowls. Since we made most of our baby food (post to come). They were used quite a bit to transport food to daycare.

This is not an item that I would worry too much about getting a good deal on because they are so cheap to begin with.

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