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Friday, December 17, 2010

What to Pay - Bibs

BABYBJĂ–RN Soft Bib 2 Pack - Red/Blue

This was an area I thought we were set and overloaded on... and I was wrong.

Since every outfit we got seemed to come with a bib, I thought we were set for life on baby bibs, well it turns out they must only be for spit-up. They are way to small to use now and were not great at catching food or stopping liquids from sinking though. As I said before, I loved the hard plastic bibs for the boy I nannied for and am looking forward to using them for my son in a couple of months when he is a bit bigger. For now however, we love these.

Bibs are another item that I would not worry about getting however, these are another gift favorite and are super easy to find at garage and mom2mom sales. Many times you get get them for $.10.


  1. Thank goodness bibs aren't too expensive! They are for sure a necessity :) It's easy to sew super cute ones as well to fit the size that you need!

  2. I have never heard of plastic bibs, but these would be perfect. Just rinse in the sink, dry, and they're good to go again!