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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Simmons Furniture Full Size Bed Rails, Heirloom Honey, Large
We are finally here! This post starts our next (long) series on what and where to buy for baby.
  1. Where should I register?  - Places to register for baby
  2. Register vs. Buy  - What thing should I buy now and what should I wait for and hope people buy for me?
  3. Where should I shop?  - Places to find good deals for baby
  4. What about me? - Where to get maternity clothes for a good price
  5. Where can I get free stuff? - Resources for getting things free for baby and mommy
  6. New vs. Used - What things should I buy new and what is ok to buy used?
  7. What can I make? - Ideas on things you can make yourself and save!
  8. What does baby really need? - Does baby really need ________?
  9. What is a good price for.....?  - Where can you get it, what is a good price? Is there a cheaper alternative?

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