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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Stuff - Where can I get free stuff?

The best things in life are free right? Here are some ways to get great things for free:
  1. Follow this site! Any time I see something that is free or an extremely good deal, I will post it here (I don't want to waste your time by posting too many things). However, free deals do not usually last long. I try to check out the deal to make sure that there are not any complicated steps or loop holes that make it not worth your time. To make sure you don't miss a deal:
    1. Get Google Reader account
      1. Subscribe to this feed so you get alerts for new deals
    2. Like Budget4Baby on facebook. Deals will hit the blog first, but I do try to get them on facebook too.
  2. Mom 2 Mom/Garage Sale free bins - I see it all the time when a Mom finds a stain on a shirt that she is trying to sell and throws it in a free bin. I take it, take it home, pre-treat it, wash it and it almost always come clean. If it doesn't it make a perfect undershirt or something to wear when I know he is just going to get messy anyways.
  3. Other Moms - I have had a lot of friends and people I barely know bring me things that their kids have outgrown for free. I have gotten a high chair, a HUGE garbage bag of brand name toys, a NICE Jeep brand jogging stroller a car seat head rest and I am sure there are other things I am forgetting.
  4. Freecycle - A great resource to find (and get rid of) pretty much anything. I got a free baby monitor and baby scale from here. I have seen some really great things be given away as well, but you have to be quick. Usually things go to the first responder and the good stuff goes fast!
  5. Thred Up - I have not used this site, but Triplets Mommy did a post here about it. You donate clothes that no longer fit your child and other moms do the same.
  6. Freepeats - Is another site like Thred up however it sounds like it is more local like freecycle
  7. Large Item Trash Day - This may not be for everyone, but I have gotten some great stuff by driving by other houses the night before large item trash pick-up. Most of it can be scrubbed up and made like new.
  8. Giveaways - There are a bunch of moms out there who have created facebook pages dedicated to publicizing giveaways for baby stuff from companies and WAHMs (Work at home Moms). My favorite ones are:
    1. Dibs - Natural Parenting Giveaways
    2. Coupon Mommy of 2 -  Aka Coupon Mommy of 3, Does product reviews and giveaway promotion
    3. Crunchee Mom - Deals and Giveaways
    4. Mirthful Motherhood - Reviews and giveaways
    5. Nicki's Cloth Diaper Reviews - Reviews and giveaways
  9. Rewards Programs - Redeem points on purchases and other sources in exchange for other baby goods. I have never used these because we mostly use cloth or off brand diapers, but I would be glad to hear/share stories of those of you that do.
    1. Pampers Gifts to Grow 
    2. Huggies Enjoy the Ride
Where do you get free baby stuff? Do you have an experience you would like to share?

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