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Monday, October 25, 2010

Guest Blog - Maternity Fashion on Budget

When I first found out I was pregnant, a high school friend had just announced that she was pregnant. She has a blog where she did a fantastic and entertaining job of detailing her pregnancy. Both my husband and I eagerly awaited her daily post to see what craziness we were in store for in the coming months.

From being a loyal reader for almost two years now, I know that she knows about clothes. After reading my post after it was written, I knew I needed a favor and she was the one to ask.

Kristi's Maternity Fashion on Budget post:

Greeeeeeeeetings, Budget4Baby community! I’m head over heels that Budget4Baby asked me on over to talk about something that is ever so near and dear to my heart: clothing.
And to be totally honest (which is my thing), clothing oneself while pregnant is not nearly as fun as playing dress-up when you’re not knocked up. For me (a self-dubbed retail price hater that stacks coupons and sales whenever possible) it was really hard to justify the purchase of a whole new wardrobe for a mere 6 or so months of wear. Think of the shoes I could buy with that money!
With the exception of one incredibly fantastic pair of Mavi jeans, I’m proud to say that I never paid more than $10 for any maternity item in my closet. And don’t think for a minute that I looked like a ragamuffin in sweatpants and my husband’s tee shirts for the better part of six months (though that was a favorite at-home staple). I actually had quite the collection…in fact, some of my maternity tops were so cute I wish I could still wear them! 

I actually did a post on my blog on this topic waaaay back in 2008 – you can read it here. Or, if you’re like me and prefer a quickie, keep reading.
  • ·         Shop early. Since you know you are pregnant a few months before you’ll actually start to show and need maternity clothing, start shopping well in advance. I found out I was pregnant in August and was due in April, so I knew I would need the bulk of my maternity clothes in winter wear. Well…guess what’s on clearance in August? Winter clothes! Many stores have a “bump” you can put on while trying on clothes (it’s super weird the first time, be warned). That way, you can have a good gauge on what size you will need.
  • ·         Be a virtual shopper. Online shops often have a wider maternity selection than their brick and mortar stores. Two great examples are Old Navy and Target. Both have HUGE online collections and great prices…and if you sign up for email alerts, you can purchase things when items are on sale and shipping is free! Don’t forget the clearance sections on these sites!
  • ·         Never underestimate the power of a long shirt. Wardrobe staples like tank tops or layering tees come in long lengths that are non-maternity so you can wear them when it no longer looks like you swallowed a beach ball. Brills! (*edit* - After reading this, I went out and bought some long tanks from express and LOVE THEM. -b4b)
  • ·         Be a coupon queen. Stores like Kohl’s, JcPenney and Sears often run $10 coupons both online and in the Sunday papers. Be on the lookout and have friends and family save them for you, too. Additionally, I always make a beeline for the sale racks whenever I enter a store…the thrill of the hunt!
  • ·         Be second hand savvy. Since most women wear maternity clothes for about 6 months, “used” items typically show little to no wear. Check out your local Mom2Mom sales, thrift stores and resale shops and peruse the maternity sections for some great deals. If there are outlet malls near you, check those out, too!
  • At the end of the day, every woman deserves to feel confident and sexy in maternity clothing…but it never hurts to save a little money in the process!

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