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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Martha Stewart - DIY Costume Ideas

Martha Stewart and I have a on again off again relationship. She bribes with the occasional good ideas and tote bags and I re-subscribe to her magazine only to remember that it is 90% ads and a waste of paper since almost everything can be found online. But enough about my personal issues.

She just posted some AWESOME Halloween costume ideas!

For the new additions: DIY (Do it yourself) Baby Costumes
For your older child who wants to make their own: DIY Kids costumes
For the whole family: DIY Family Costumes
For the sewing impaired: No-Sew ideas  - I LOVE the spider baby/mama web one!
Still need more? Her viewers best ideas

What will my son be?
I found an adorable "bug" costume at a garage sale earlier this summer for $1. It has a hood with big eyes and wings.
Last year he was a pea pod. I found that costume at a mom to mom sale for $3.

What about you?
New moms: What will your new addition be this year?
Experienced moms: What is your favorite costume that your kids have worn over the years?
Pregnant and trying moms: What do you think would be the perfect costume for your little one?


  1. I want toddler dd1 to be a butterfly and baby dd2 to be a caterpillar. But dd1 is stuck on plain old princess!

  2. So cute!! My son is going to be a very cute monster this year.