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Sunday, September 26, 2010

What to take to the hospital

Baby Lists: What to Do and What to Get to Prepare for Baby 
To make my hospital list, I compiled the lists from many sources online and book sources. I also purchased this book: Baby Lists: What to Do and What to Get to Prepare for Baby. This is a list of pretty much anything anyone has suggested, so you may be able to do without many things on it.

I would suggest finding someone that already gave birth in the hospital you plan to birth in to see what their hospital provided for them.

Many companies will give hospitals samples to use in hopes that you will choose to continue to purchase their products. Because the hospital gets the items for little or no cost, they are often willing to give you extras to take home.

Red items are ones that you can get probably get from the hospital for free and may want to stock up on for a home supply.

For Mom
Body wash/Shampoo - The hospital will probably provide hotel like bottles, but if you really like your soap, you may want to bring it.
Brush - If you have longer hair, you will want this to get the rats nest our of your hair from birthing.
Deoderant - You may or may not need this, depending on how concerned with your hygene you are. I couldn't care less how I looked or smelled after getting birth.
Scrunchies/hair ties - I was very glad that I had something to hold my hair back while giving birth.
Pads/Depends - Some people don't realize this, but even if you have a C-section, you will bleed quite a bit after giving birth and you will need some sort of pad.

I actually really like the hospital pads and "disposable" underware. They were super comfortable and although the pad was bulky, I like it better than anything I found in the stores. I actually think I had a reaction to one of the pads I purchased after my supply ran out.  I would suggest packing your supply away at every nursing shift change and ask for more so you can use them at home. The underware are actually washable.

Due to the reaction I had, I actually ended up using some cloth diaper inserts that I had, so you may even want to consider re-usable pads called "mama cloth". I will talk more about this when we get to the diaper posts.

A friend suggested that I get some depends and they were nice for going out to Dr. Appointments in the days after birth.

Going home clothes
Robe/Clothes for hospital stay - I didn't need one because I was happy with the hospital gowns, but if you are the type of person who likes to be in their own clothes, this may be important to you.
Slippers - I didn't need one, but like going barefoot and never really went that far.
Nursing gown/Nursing Shirt - They have hospital gowns with nursing holes, but again if you like your own clothes you may want to bring these.

Nursing shirts can be expensive and in my experience hard to find used. Although they sell them at maternity stores and babies R us, they are pretty expensive. I found most of mine at Meijer and Walmart and I wore them ALL The time, definately worth the money in my option.
Pump - They will have a pump there for you to use if you need one while there, but if you bring your own, the lactation consultant can show you how to use it.
Boppy - I was glad I had my boppy for learning to nurse.
Nursing Pads - They may have these at your hospital as well, but you may not need them depending on how quickly your milk comes in. They also make washable versions of these and you can make your own. I really liked the organic ones because they held their shape much better than the non organic ones after being washing.
Lanolin  - You may want this for nipple pain if nursing. My hospital had small sample packets of them and were a bit stingy, but again something great to stock up on.
Hydrogel Pads  - I was really surprised that the hospital gave these to me for free because they are quite expensive. Again a great thing to try and stock up on during nursing shift changes.
Lip Balm - The hospital may be dry and you may get chapped lips. This may also be true if you are dehydrated from giving birth.
Toothbrush/paste - I would imagine the hospital may provide these if you asked, but I brought my own.
iPod - You may want this if you think you may need to get "into the zone" when birthing.
Hard candy - Most places don't let you eat while in labor, however I put in my birth plan that I wanted to be able to eat and drink what i wanted. I was nautious and wanted to eat so I could throw something besides bile up.
Back massager/Tennis ball - Incase you have back labor (wasnt a problem for me)
TP - The have hospital stuff there, but you may want softer stuff. I had a lot of swelling, so I didnt wipe for about a month. I just jumped in the tub after I used the bathroom.
Towel - Theirs are scratchy, but if that doesnt bother you, you dont need them
Swimsuit top/sports bra - If you want to use the big tub. I really didnt care who saw me naked while in labor, most womens modesty goes to the wind from what I understand.
Tube Sock filled with long grain rice - These are nice to microwave for any pain (I didnt use mine so I am not sure if the had one available or not)
Ear Plugs - essential if you are a light sleeper
Dermoplast/Proctofoam - I dont remember what this was recommended for and did not pack or use them
Tucks Pads - They should have these at the hospital and the tub should last you for the whole recovery, they are good for hermoids if you have them and for any swelling you have after the birth
Birth Ball - They have these too, but if you have a yoga ball you like, you may want to bring it as theirs may not be inflated how you want it to.

For Dad
Change of Clothes
Swim Trunks - If they want to get in the tub with you
Coins - For vending machines

For Baby
Receiving blankets - They have these and theirs work much better than the ones in the stores, but you are not supposed to take them home.
Burp Cloths - They have these also and you are also not supposed to take them home.
Clothes- They provide clothes for them to wear while you are in the hospital, but you will need something for them to go home in (you may want to pack a few sizes since small babies need REALLY tiny  (premie or newborn) things and other larger babies may be almost ready to wear size 0-3. I was shocked how huge some of our outfits were on my son.) Most hospitals also take pictures, so you may want something cute for them. Note: The company that took my sons pictures were a bit agressive in making sure they took the pictures and in calling after to try and get us to order them. They even got kinda nasty when I told them we didn't want any.
Pacifier - They have these too, but you may want to bring your own orthodontic ones because some babies wont take anything other that what they had first. The ones they have in the hospital are really hard to find, I think you need to buy them online.
Car Seat - They will probably  inspect the car seat and they have classes on how to use them.
Plaster foot kit/baby book for foot prints - Our hospital had an ink one they give you at the hosptial.
Nail Clippers - They will not cut nails for you!
Mittens- If you don't want to cut their nails and they are long and scratching themselves. The baby gowns they had at our hospital had little cuffs you could put over their hands too.
Diapers - They have these and our hospital was pretty free with giving them away. They even offered us extras when packing to go home.
Wipes - They have these (another think to stockpile and ask for more). They even gave us the plastic container!

Large empty bag for gifts  - Ikea bags are GREAT for this. (I think they are less than a dollar if you live near ikea)
Birth Plan - See last weeks post
Copy of Paperwork - I was annoyed that I was expected to read and sign all the paper work when I arrived at the hospital in labor, so I requested a copy of everything ahead of time so I had time to actually understand what I was signing.
Camera - A must for capturing those first moments.
Video Camera
Laptop - I worked from my hospital bed hours after giving birth... You get a rush of energy after you have the baby. It is also great for facebooking pictures of your new little one.
Night Light - Our hospital had little lights everywhere that we could turn on for diaper changes and such.
Folder/Filer for paperwork
Watch with second hand - If you want to time contractions, I didnt worry about that.

..... And that is my list! Is there anything I am missing that you used in the hospital? How about those of you with home births, what supplies did you need to get?

Next Week: BABY STUFF!!!!

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  1. Just discovered one of the best CHEAP nursing tank options (duh, a little late now that dd2 is 8 months old!)
    I've taken over my husband's tank undershirts. The arm holes are quite deep so you can just open yourself up on the side and the shirts are really long so it keeps your belly covered. And they are very inexpensive, like 3 for $10-ish.
    They're not exactly great for wearing alone - but are SUPER as an undershirt.