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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What to pay - Crib

Note: I have been told that the pictures from amazon are not showing up when using google reader. Please click through to the actual blog to see the pictures. - Thanks!

You can pay A LOT for a crib if you want.This one is listed for $3,863.40......

 The cheapest crib I could find on Amazon was $70:

It seems like most of the cribs at Babies R us were around $300 and as I said before, we didn't like any of them. We originally went to buy the Snigler crib, but it was not varnished and looked a bit dingier than the Gulliver crib. A huge price jump (double) from $70 to $130, but we had an hour before they closed and I was pregnant (thus emotional). All-in-all it was still cheaper by $60 than anything in store at our Babies R us or Target. 

Other things to keep in mind when purchasing a crib are:
  • Do you need it to be able to "convert" into a full size bed, or do you have one already? 
  • If you do need it to convert, are all the parts included, or do you need to purchase the converting parts separately?
  • Is your crib on the recall list? Many cribs that have the drop sides have been recalled. Do you even need the crib sides do go down?
    • Our crib doesn't have drop sides, but is low to the ground. I have never missed the drop sides.

This is also an item that I would only purchase used with caution. So, a "good" price again would be retail minus sales and promotions.

Used cribs are also an item that you can get 25% off with the Babies R us trade in event. You do not need to trade a crib to get a crib either. You could trade say a car seat and get a crib. It just has to be an item on the list for an item on the list.

What crib do you have? Do you like it? Did you get a good deal?

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