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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What to pay - Car Seats

As I mentioned before, this is one place where used isn't always best. We did however get our infant seat and base for free from a co-worker that we trusted to have told us if the seat was ever dropped or in an accident. So, we got the Chicco keyfit 30 for free.

We opted to register for the convertible car seat instead of an extra base for our infant car seat and it worked out great. We ended up returning it and re-purchasing it with a 20% coupon and got quite a bit back. We choose the Britax Boulevard seat because it was highly recommended.

Our son has recently out grown his baby car seat. Although he is not yet 30lb (far from it), he is 30 inches and therefore is not safe. Although I hate the idea of spending money on a second car seat, we are considering getting a second one. All convertible car seats are a PAIN install, so if we need to change cars for some reason, it can be a real hassle. IF we do purchase a new car seat, we have decided to get the Sunshine Kids Radian. From what I can tell, it is super safe and also much smaller if we were to ever need to fit 3 car seats across. It is also nice because it is somewhat portable. The seat will fold and it also has a carrying strap, it is still VERY heavy though.

IF you can get a used car seat that is close to free, do it. Babies R us has a trade in sale every once and while where you can get 25% off of a new baby item (car seats, stroller, high chair etc) when you bring in an old one!

Since I do not recommend used car seats, a  "good" price for these is retail minus whatever sale or discounts you can get on on.
What Car seat(s) do you have? Do you like them? Did you get a good deal?

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