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Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have finally decided to do it! I have been toying with the idea for quite some time about making a public blog about raising a Baby on a Budget. So here it is:

My mission for this blog is:
  1. To educate new parents on the options available to them and all (even indirect) costs associated.
  2. Identify the best places to purchase things for baby.
  3. Hopefully to someday make a bit of money from sponsors, ads or classes on the subject. 
  4. Post good baby deals and baby giveaways from other blogs. I will only post things that are free or really good deals.
Because what worked for me, may not work for you, my goal is to unbiasedly provide as much information from both sides of the fence as possible in addition to telling you what worked (and what didn’t) for me. I tend to lean toward the “natural or green” side of ideas for my personal choices (many times they are the cheaper option as well), but will also enjoy a bag of cheese “flavored” puffs if one is put in front of me.

Please note that I am not professionally trained in medicine, child psychology, child safety or in anything else related to children. Just a newish Mom who loves to plan and save.

I hope you find this blog both fun and informative.

Informational blogs will be posted weekly (on Sundays for now) and anything else interesting that I can pass along will fill in inbetween.

First post: Prenatal Vitamins

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