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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Sample of Saline Tissues

Boogie Wipes, Fresh Scent 30-Count (Pack of 12) 
Boogie wipes are one of those things that before I was a parent thought was a stupid marketing ploy to get my money, but I have learned that they are great. When my son is sick, the mucus will dry and crust on his nose making it really painful to scrub off and the scrubbing just irritates the area even more making it more painful for him. The boogie wipes really help soften the mucus up to get if off of his nose in less time. I suppose it would be possible to make your own saline solution and use a cloth as well if you wanted to save money.

The company that makes these wonderful things called "Boogie wipes" appears to have created an adult version (I think they are the same thing, just repackaged, but let me know if I am wrong).They are currently offering a free sample here. (Thanks West Michigan Mommy)

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